App for forward thinking municipality

st_featuredStaffanstorp is a municipality in Sweden with a very forward thinking approach when it comes to the possibilities of new digital tools.

Back in 2011 they implemented a voting tool for their council meetings using iPads that helped save tons of paper. They are also famous for having a very active website that is cleanly designed with content licensed with Creative Commons. We got in touch with them to discuss the possibility of creating an iPhone application that the citizens could use to participate with.

They did not want a simple embedded copy of the web page and would much rather have an application that takes advantage of the possibilities of the platform. When we do client proposals we like to provide functionality offers in layers so that we can adjust the scope of the application based on the expectations and constraints of the project.

Staffanstorp was very receptive to our ideas and we ended up implementing a very interesting application. It features a WordPress integration with map support for the municipalities surveying and map department. It also has calendar integration and Augmented Reality support which allows the user of the application to visualize the location of various parts of Staffanstorp. This application fits in well with the strong technology driven approach in Staffanstorp.

The client was very satisfied with the outcome of the project and decided later on to extend the scope to also feature iPad support, and later on we also got the opportunity to create an Android version.