Fast paced puzzle game for iPhone

bb“Blowfish Bay is a color-matching based puzzle game. Just follow your gaming insticts and pop the bubbles by matching three or more of the same color. But don’t be fooled, the game quickly gets quite tricky and takes guts, grit and gills to master!”

Analysis tool for the wind power industry

wmMade for Triventus, a company specializing in renewable energy. It is a tool used to visualize wind power data in effective ways in order to detect problems and optimize throughput. We developed it as a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and OSX) application for desktop computers using PyQT.

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Tactical multiplayer board game for iPad

cr“Cargo Runners is a brilliantly fun and original board game for the iPad” — 4/5 stars GAMEZEBO.COM

“I’d recommend Cargo Runners to anyone who is a fan of lighter Euro-games … Excellent board game feel for a digital-only game, online multiplayer, good use of digital tech without overdoing it.” WIRED! (GEEKDAD) 

We helped Trouble Brothers implement a network architecture for their iPad game Cargo Runners.


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App for forward thinking municipality

st_featuredStaffanstorp is a municipality in Sweden with a very forward thinking approach when it comes to the possibilities of new digital tools.

Back in 2011 they implemented a voting tool for their council meetings using iPads that helped save tons of paper. They are also famous for having a very active website that is cleanly designed with content licensed with Creative Commons. We got in touch with them to discuss the possibility of creating an iPhone application that the citizens could use to participate with.

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Restaurant guide for food enthusiasts

wgWhite Guide is a premium restaurant guide that presents Swedens finest restaurants in different price ranges. You can find reviews, facts and driving directions for over 450 restaurants.

We partnered up with Good Old to produce an iPhone version of the restaurant guide.

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Nostalgic vinyl player for iPad

vl“VinylLove™ turns your iPad or iPhone into a sleek and beautiful turntable. That sits perfectly on your desk stand on top or next to your stereo system. And that you can carry around with you everywhere you go.”’s quickly become my favorite way to play music on the iPad– Gizmodo

Receiver of FWA Mobile of the day award

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Virtual football management in your pocket

hattrick“If you’ve been looking for a quality football manager game for the iPhone, then stop right here.”

Binary Peak laid down the architecture for an iOS client to a large online soccer management game.

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Building blocks for modern user interfaces

bb10“A new experience where features and apps work together seamlessly and share your train of thought to help you complete tasks faster and with ease.”

Binary Peak contributed to core functionality for the new BlackBerry 10 platform. Continue reading

Control energy consumption for smart homes

teA high quality, environment friendly, apartment control interface for iPad. Created for the Swedish energy company E.ON. We collaborated together with InUse and Color Monkey on this project.

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