Working at Binary Peak


At Binary Peak we take pride in being fast and curious learners who continuously expand our skill set while delivering on time. We always make sure things move forward and we can’t stand the status quo.

Binary Peak is looking for people who share our values while also bringing more diversity to our team. We create Android and iOS applications from scratch or join other teams as expert consultants and help them create the best mobile applications on the market. We also help them develop prototypes and new concepts.

We welcome both senior and junior developers to join our team. Our company takes education seriously and we help our developers take their skills to the next level. Even if you don’t feel that any of the below positions matches you perfectly, please get in touch with us anyway. We love to be impressed!

Expert mobile programmer

We are looking for a highly skilled mobile developer with a soft spot for visually rich applications. You use the right tool for the right task and you can quickly find the essence of a concept and take it from idea to reality. Ideally you have experience developing iOS and Android applications. If not, you are confident in taking on such projects anyway since you are a very fast learner.

Young developer with promise

You are a computer wizard in the making and you are confident that you can impress us with your ambition, responsibility and rapid skill development. You’ll be eager to learn new things, whether it’s about shaders, new programming languages or how git is implemented. You value humility and personal progression higher than pride and acclaim.

Contact us immediately if you can relate to the description above! We are always interested in cool projects so If you have done something that you are proud of, please let us have a look.