About us

Binary Peak is a tight team of experts that can deliver almost anything in mobile solutions. We’ve been active as a company since the spring of 2010 but has been doing development for mobile devices since long before then. We witnessed the rise of iOS and Android and decided to focus on these platforms early on.

As a team we can take an application from idea to reality and as expert consultants we can help your company make important projects succeed. Get in touch with Dan Adeholt +46 (0) 709 678283 to find out more about how we can help you succeed.



Dan is an expert software engineer who mainly focuses on areas such as advanced application development for mobile phones, 3D graphics, games and optimization of algorithms. He is the CEO of Binary Peak and is determined to make the company a great place to work for talented people.

Dan has a long history of C++ development, but is also very interested in dynamic languages like Python and Lua and functional languages like Lisp (particularly in it’s beautiful role as the extension language in emacs). He is also a big fan of the iOS platform and has learned to appreciate the combination of static and dynamic properties of Objective C. A strong quality is his ability to create software that works on multiple platforms in a modular way.

In his spare time, Dan is also a musician. His primary instruments of interest is guitar and piano and he loves to compose music. He lives in Malmö and thinks that the city is a fantastic place to work and live in.



Pär is an expert software engineer with a focus on user interaction and mobile applications with custom design. He has strong insight into the requirement and design process and gives his opinion without trying to be dogmatic. This makes it easier for customers and project owners to get what they want. He is very adaptive and can quickly be productive in new teams and environments.

Apart from talking about beer, brewing beer and drinking beer, he enjoys cooking, listening to audiobooks and forefoot strike running. When the season and weather allows, he is known to invest many hours in the hard labor of playing video games.





Henrik is a Senior software engineer with many years of experience in the business. He has a strong background in Open Source development and started the Fluxbox project in 2001. Fluxbox is a popular window manager for X11. Henrik is pragmatic and result oriented and is keen on using new technologies to speed up development.